With 110 thousand planted trees, Biofix and Bosque Vivo contribute to the great National Sembthon

Within the framework of the Sembratón, held on October 12, 2021, BIOFIX and Bosque Vivo, in conjunction with ethnic communities, provide a significant number of plantings of native and fruit species in Colombia.

Together with ethnic communities belonging to the different REDD + projects (Reduction of Emissions generated by Deforestation and Forest Degradation) that are carried out in association with BIOFIX, the planting of 110 thousand native and fruit trees has been achieved, mainly in the Chocó and Vichada departments.

Three projects have been the managers of reforestation initiatives in association with BIOFIX and Bosque Vivo, this is the case of DELFINES CUPICA REDD +, PALAMEKU KUWEI REDD + and KALIAWIRI REDD +.

Hand in hand with their communities and in processes of training and identification of needs, a number of hectares has been determined for planting and the type of tree selected by the community.

For example, in Cumaribo, Vichada, where the PALAMEKU KUWEI REDD + and KALIAWIRI REDD + projects are being carried out, in company with the Muco y Guarrojo Indigenous Reserve and the Saracure Indigenous Reserve, Río Cada, around 7,200 trees have been planted and a nursery is being established. with 10,000 seedlings of species of Palma de Cumare, Palma de seje, Palma de moriche, Machaco, Yopo, Cedro, Flor Amarillo, Marañón and Moringa.

Likewise, in Bahía Solano, Chocó, where the DELFINES CUPICA REDD + project is being carried out, the communities of the Delfines and Cupica community councils have carried out a reforestation project with 102,000 planted trees, recovering the water rounds of importance for the water supply and areas that had been designated for livestock.

These trees are from species such as Guanábana, Limón, Caoba, Roble, Pichindé and Coco, which were chosen by sawyers who are being linked as rangers.

The medium and long-term objective is to continue working on reforestation projects in the different territories where REDD + Projects are carried out, in conjunction with Indigenous Reservations and Community Councils, in order to mitigate the impact of global warming and contribute to improve the quality of life of the communities that inhabit the territories.

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