Why is it important to offset the carbon huella?

The increase in greenhouse gases (GEI) has a high impact on climate change. With greater frequency, floods, greater rains in a shorter period of time, temperature increases and long-term droughts are reflected, among other effects.

The carbon offset and reduction produced by a person, a group, an organization, a company or even a product or service, will help to mitigate these effects. The change of daily habits and the transformation of business activities that daily emits a number of tons of CO2 will contribute to mitigate the effects of climate change.

Currently, countries and public and private organizations are carrying out plans to reduce this type of emissions to zero and to achieve this objective, initiatives are being promoted in different parts of the world to promote the path towards a future without carbon emissions.

In Colombia, for example, through Law 1819 of 2016, the Tax on Carbon was established, a measure that seeks to discourage the use of fossil fuels and that was constituted as one of the first environmental taxes in the country, within the public policy actions that contribute to the mitigation of the effects of climate change.

This alternative of compensation for companies is constituted as a normative innovation at a global level, which seeks to make the taxpayers who compensate their emissions with the acquisition of carbon bonds, not if they cause the impuesto, and with their compensation impulsen the protection of significant areas of forests to capture carbon and improve the quality of life of the ethnic communities that inhabit these territories.

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Companies are important agents to achieve a transformation of a low carbon and respectful society with climate change. Indeed, there are numerous companies that have voluntarily joined the carbon footprint register, and some want to highlight how carbon neutral, that is, aspire to a zero CO2 balance.

Voluntary compensation is another of the initiatives that both companies and individuals can use to contribute to carbon capture. Currently, BIOFIX counts with projects for the conservation of forests in Colombia that allow connecting people with their carbon offset and boosting the development of ethnic communities in their respective territories.

If you want to compensate your carbon huella, you can do it through, selecting one of the conservation projects you want to support and determining the number of carbon bonds you wish to acquire.

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