The REDD + projects Delfines Cupica and Palameku Kuwei, among the 500 best in Latin America

Selected by the Latin America Green Awards, these projects are among the top 500 in social and environmental matters in the region.

Bogotá, May 12, 2020. After the application of 2,540 projects, the 500 best socio-environmental initiatives were finally known in the seventh version of the Latin America Green Awards, an event that each year exhibits the most innovative, replicable and sustainable environmental regional proposals, socially and financially, in 10 categories aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

On this occasion, two projects for the Reduction of Greenhouse Gas Emissions (REDD +), which have been structured by BIOFIX and are currently in the implementation phase, were highlighted in the ranking of the top 500. The final selection will be made in August of this year in Guayaquil.

The first, classified within the 30 finalists, is Delfines Cupica REDD +, a project located in Bahía Solano and Juradó, Chocó, which aims to conserve 103,022 hectares of native forests, protect 163 species, including the humpback whale, sea ​​turtles and mangroves, aims to improve the quality of life of more than 6,900 people in the area and to date has offset 2,912,143 tCO2e.

Hand in hand with the two Community Councils that make up and propose the project, the General Community Council North Pacific Coast of Chocó "Los Delfines" and the Cupica Community Council, accompanied by Biofix, the application was carried out in the category of Forests and Flora.

The second project selected in the same category is Palameku Kuwei REDD +, led by the Cabildos de los Resguardos Indígenas Ríos Muco and Guarrojo, Ríos Tomo and Wéberi, Punta Bandera, San Luis del Tomo, La Esmeralda and Valdivia.

Located in the largest municipality in Colombia, Cumaribo, Vichada, this project seeks the conservation of 32,629 hectares that comprise gallery and morichal forests of the Colombian Orinoquia, and that to date has protected 14 species of local fauna and has offset 961,827 tCO2e .

BIOFIX, together with the communities that make up these important projects, is proud to be part of the 500 best in Latin America and thanks the Latin America Green Awards for the opportunity to be visible in the region.

“This is a motivation to continue working hand in hand with the communities in the conservation of species, forests and territorial governance. The carbon market has become an opportunity for social transformation and we will continue working on it ”, says Ana Milena Plata, executive director of Biofix.

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