Project DELFINES CUPICA REDD + is a finalist in the BIBO-EL ESPECTADOR Award

Thanks to the social and environmental work carried out between the North Pacific Coast Community Councils of Chocó Los Delfines and Cupica, in association with BIOFIX, this project is classified as one of the finalists in the category: "Actions framed in nature-based solutions" .

In the Biogeographic Chocó there is an unequaled natural wealth; More than two thousand species of endemic fauna and flora inhabit this territory and, in addition, it is a fundamental place for the migration of species such as the Humpback Whale. This is where one of the most important conservation projects in Colombia takes place: DELFINES CUPICA REDD + (Reduction of Emissions generated by Deforestation and Forest Degradation).

Leveraged in the carbon market, which seeks through conservation projects to mitigate the impacts generated by global warming, capturing CO2 emissions and encouraging the compensation of the environmental footprint through the purchase of carbon credits, it is developed this project located mainly in Bahía Solano and Juradó, Chocó.

Its main objective is to protect 103,000 hectares of tropical rainforest, as well as the species of flora and fauna that inhabit this territory. The conservation process is thanks to the joint work between the North Pacific Coast of Chocó and Cupica Community Councils, which in alliance with BIOFIX, monitor and develop sustainable projects that benefit the environment and about 7,000 inhabitants of these municipalities.

Among its lines of action, the project complies with 13 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as an end to poverty, improvement in education, climate action, among others, and favors actions around the strengthening of territorial governance , participatory reforestation, community oversight, strengthening the agricultural sector and economic diversification with local ecotourism.

Due to its good results, the DELFINES CUPICA REDD + project is classified among the finalists of the BIBO-EL ESPECTADOR 2021 award, which recognizes the initiatives that demonstrate the link with the planet's natural wealth and its biodiversity, the integral management of ecosystems and the derived services that benefit the human being, their threats and the possible actions that lead to a sustainable development of the country.

This is the second recognition that DELFINES CUPICA REDD + receives, since in 2019 it was awarded as number one in the Forest and Flora category of the Latin America Green Awards, for its socio-environmental impact, and has established itself as a benchmark in terms of solutions based In nature.

The next October 27 will be the final awarding of the BIBO Awards, where the winner of the category will be determined and the respective recognition will be delivered, in accordance with the decision of the jury. We invite you to be attentive to the BIOFIX social networks, to follow the transmission of this event.

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