KALIAWIRI REDD + is highlighted among the 500 best projects in Latin America

Updated: Jun 22, 2021

This project, which seeks to conserve 358,000 hectares of tropical rainforest in the departments of Vichada and Guainía, has been recognized by the Latin America Green Awards in its 2021 version as one of the best on the continent.

April 14, 2021. KALIAWIRI REDD + is a project developed by BIOFIX in association with 7 Indigenous Reservations of the Sikuani and Piapoco peoples that seeks to protect 358,000 hectares of forest in a transition zone Orinoco - Amazonas, Colombia, which given its physical and climatic conditions make it key to climate regulation, capture of CO2 emissions and conservation of biological biodiversity.

Through their territorial autonomy, the Indigenous Reservations: Cali Barranquilla, Concordia, Flores Sombrero, Chocón, Río Siare Barranco Lindo, Saracure Río Cada and Guaco Alto y Bajo, seek to carry out conservation processes framed in sustainability criteria that must to do with the protection of natural forest areas, rescue and protection of their cultural identity and promotion of productive practices that promote the protection of biodiversity and the environmental wealth of their territory.

“This recognition obtained by the KALIAWIRI REDD + Project, among more than 2,500 applicants, is the result of a joint work with the communities that comprise it and is the confirmation of the excellent work in terms of conservation and compensation of CO2 emissions that we are developing in Colombia ”, says Ana Milena Plata, Manager of BIOFIX.

With an application of more than 2,500 projects in the American continent, KALIAWIRI REDD + ranked 394 among the 500 best and 23rd in the category of Forests and Flora. This is the third conservation project that ranks among the best in Latin America, under the structuring of BIOFIX, an expert company in the development of nature-based solutions that today leads the structuring of 9 projects in Colombia in association with Afro and indigenous communities , and territorial allies.

Among its main characteristics, KALIAWIRI is formulated under the REDD + methodology, which seeks in addition to controlling and reducing deforestation and forest degradation, promoting forest governance, entrepreneurship, gender equality, the rescue of ancestral cultural tradition, and territorial alignment. , as well as reforestation and community monitoring; implementation of renewable energies and improvement of communications infrastructure; mobility, health, recreation and modernization of the productive processes carried out by the communities for self-sufficiency.

After this recognition granted by Latin America Green Awards, BIOFIX highlights the work carried out by Flora and Fauna KUMALI'BO, a regional partner that has accompanied the process and has been key in communication between the communities that make up the project.

All the management developed around this initiative is based on the framework of the voluntary carbon market created in Colombia so that the companies subject to the carbon tax can apply to the non-causation of the same and contribute to the development of the communities that have the largest areas forested in the country, which correspond mostly to ethnic collectivities.

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