Green business in times of pandemic, what are the achievements and challenges?

June 2, 2020. Regarding the World Environment Day that is commemorated every June 5, BIOFIX, Amazonía Emprende and EcoRegistry meet to highlight the importance of green businesses in Colombia, analyze its current panorama in times of pandemic and evaluate the role of youth and technology in nature conservation.

In addition to the participation of Ana Milena Plata, economist, magister in Environment, PhD in Forest Engineering and Executive Director of BIOFIX, in this conversation participate: Julio Andrés Rozo, Director of Amazonía Emprende, Escuela Bosque de Negocios Verdes and Columnist of Money magazine in green economy; and Camilo Trujillo, political scientist and socio-environmental activist, who currently works as a Carbon Market Analyst at EcoRegistry.

Here you can see the full video:

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