Families in Chocó receive aid, through the ARLEQUÍN REDD + project

BIOFIX and representatives of the COCOILLO and COCOMACER community councils delivered food and basic necessities to more than 300 families who were affected by the impact of the winter wave that occurred in recent months in the department of Chocó.

Chocó, Colombia, December 18, 2020. After San Andrés and Providencia, Chocó has been the second department most affected by the winter wave that Colombia has experienced in recent months. The floodwaters of the Atrato River, San Juan River and Baudo River have left a large number of people affected, families affected, and houses damaged.

Therefore, with the aim of mitigating the impact that this natural phenomenon has brought to the region, BIOFIX, through the ARLEQUÍN REDD + PROJECT, in conjunction with the Greater Council of Cértegui, COCOMACER and the Integral Community Council of Lloró, COCOILLO, did delivery of food and basic supplies to more than 370 affected families.

In different days, representatives of the community councils with the support of BIOFIX, visited the municipality of Cértegui and the town of Boraudo in Lloró, Chocó, delivering food and essential items.

The delivery of these grants is part of the work carried out with the ARLEQUÍN REDD + project in which the community councils, COCOILLO and COCOMACER participate, which is based on the commercialization of carbon credits in Colombia and seeks the conservation of 74,000 hectares of forests in the municipalities of Cantón de San Pablo, Cértegui and Lloró, in Chocó.

From BIOFIX and the REDD + projects that we structure, we will continue working together with the communities and their representatives to achieve the protection of forests and social benefit in their territories.

This is how the delivery of aid was developed in the territory:

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