DELFINES CUPICA REDD +, winner in the Forest and Flora category for Latin America Green Awards

Updated: Jun 22

Due to its commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals and its environmental, social and economic impact in Bahía Solano and Juradó, Chocó, DELFINES CUPICA REDD + obtained first place in the Forests and Flora category of the continent awarded by Latin America Green Awards 2020.

August 22, 2020. In a joint work between BIOFIX, the Chocó North Pacific Coast General Community Council “Los Delfines” and the Cupica Community Council, located in the municipalities of Bahía Solano and Juradó, Chocó, Colombia, DELFINES CUPICA REDD + was proposed , a project that has reduced and offset nearly three million tons of CO2e, has conserved 103,000 hectares of native forests and seeks to improve the quality of life of more than 7,000 people.

This project, which is in the implementation phase, emerged as a solution to the social and environmental needs of the northern Pacific coast, a region that has the highest levels of multidimensional poverty and unsatisfied basic needs in Colombia.

In addition, the deforestation that it presents has reached 0.8% per year, putting at risk food security, territorial governance and the ecosystem services provided by humid and very humid tropical forests of one of the globally recognized biodiversity hotspots, which contribute to diminishing vulnerability to the effects of climate change.

The structuring of the project, carried out by BIOFIX, is based on the environmental mitigation mechanism called REDD +, which seeks to reduce emissions derived from deforestation and forest degradation, supported within the framework of the voluntary carbon market created in Colombia, which It enables large distributors, marketers and users of fossil fuels to neutralize the impact generated by their economic activities on the environment and to apply the non-causation of the carbon tax.

Both the Community Councils and BIOFIX proudly celebrate the recognition of being among the best in Latin America and leading the Forests and Flora category.

The main reason for its selection in the Forests and Flora category is the alignment it has with 13 of the Sustainable Development Goals such as: End of Poverty, Zero Hunger, Health and Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, Ecosystem Life Terrestrial and Climate Action, among others. (See: This is how the Delfines Cupica project aligns with the SDGs)

Relive the award ceremony that took place on August 22, 2020 in which the award for the best Project in the Forests and Flora Category was presented to the Delfines Cupica REDD +.

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