DELFINES CUPICA REDD + takes first place in the BIBO Award - EL ESPECTADOR

The DELFINES CUPICA REDD + project was recognized as the winner of the BIBO 2021 Award in the category “Actions framed in nature-based solutions”, thanks to the social and environmental work carried out between the North Pacific Coast Community Councils of Chocó Los Delfines and Cupica, in association with BIOFIX.

This project is carried out in Bahía Solano and Juradó, Chocó, Colombia, and seeks to protect 103,000 hectares of tropical humid forest, as well as the species of flora and fauna that inhabit the territory. Its development is thanks to the commercialization of carbon credits, leveraged in the Colombian carbon market, and emerged as a solution to the social and environmental needs of the northern Pacific coast, a region that has multidimensional poverty levels and unsatisfied basic needs. highest in Colombia.

This is the second recognition that DELFINES CUPICA REDD + and its communities receive, after being number one in the category of 'Forests and Flora' in Latin America Green Awards 2019. (DELFINES CUPICA REDD +, winner in the Forest and Flora category for Latin America Green Awards )

Its recognition in the BIBO Awards is due to the social and environmental impact it has had in recent years. The protection of forests and the work of community councils as forest custodians have been of great importance in achieving important results in terms of improvements in the quality of life of nearly 7,000 people.

“This recognition is very important for our community council, since it reflects that we have done well the activities in favor of the environment and its conservation. We continue working for environmental conservation and the most important thing is the awareness that communities have today regarding the climate changes that are taking place ”, says Jhuver González, president and Legal Representative of the Los Delfines Community Council.

Since its inception, the project has been aligned with 13 Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as an end to poverty, improvement in education, climate action, among others, and actions are favored around strengthening territorial governance, participatory reforestation, community oversight, strengthening the agricultural sector and economic diversification with local ecotourism.

The structuring of the project, carried out by BIOFIX, is based on the environmental mitigation mechanism called REDD +, which seeks to reduce emissions derived from deforestation and forest degradation.

"It is a source of pride to have this recognition since this is an environmental and economic project, where we bet on the development of the towns and the conservation of forests with reforestation processes," says Carlos Andrés Hurtado, legal representative of the Community Council of Cupica.

Both BIOFIX, as well as the Community Councils that participate in its development, are proud of this recognition given by BIBO - EL ESPECTADOR, since it is a way to encourage initiatives in favor of the environment and the development and improvement of the quality of life of the communities that are custodians of the extensive Colombian forests.

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