Congress Current Status of the Colombian Carbon Market

BIOFIX CONSULTORIA participated on November 22 and 23 actively in the Congress "CURRENT STATUS OF THE CARBON MARKET AND EXPECTATIONS FOR 2020", the most important event for the carbon market in Colombia, being part of the Organizing Committee together with institutions such as Páramos and Forests, USAID, ASOCARBONO and CO2ZERO.

Its Executive Director Ana Milena Plata, moderated the panel "Challenges and Opportunities of Validation and Verification Bodies of GHG mitigation projects", in which entities such as ICONTEC, PROCLIMA, ONAC participated and aspects for the function of these bodies were discussed in the carbon market in view of the rules established in Resolution 1447 of 2018.

Additionally, the Legal Director of the company Marco Andrés González, participated in the Panel "Challenges and Opportunities of REDD + Projects in Colombia" together with Wildlife Works and South Pole Group, where technical and regulatory aspects of the development of these projects and the challenges were discussed. or opportunities that they represent in view of the provisions of Decree 926 of 2017 and Resolution 1447 of 2018.

To culminate the successful participation in this important event, our affiliate company was nominated with its KALIAWIRI REDD + project in the final of the CARLOS ÁLVAREZ DESCAMPE contest, which was selected among the best 3 GHG mitigation projects in the forest sector category, REDD +, project that was presented by indigenous authorities of the Department of Vichada.

Thus, the importance of the event "CURRENT STATUS OF THE CARBON MARKET AND EXPECTATIONS FOR 2020" is highlighted, where both ASOCARBONO, USAID, and MADS highlighted the important role of companies developing REDD + projects for the transfer of resources to indigenous communities. and the functionality of the domestic market, which is a pioneer in the world.

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