7 Reasons to protect forests

Trees are indispensable for life. Suffice it to say that they are as important to humanity as breathing is.

March 5, 2021. The oxygen we need to live is processed by the trees during their photosynthesis, they are responsible for taking carbon dioxide from the atmosphere (CO2), decomposing it and releasing oxygen, a fundamental process for the planet and subsistence human.

When trees make up a forest they become generators of life. Within the forests is what we know as biodiversity, these ecosystems are home to thousands of species of fauna and flora, which find food and shelter. However, this does not happen from one moment to another, it is a process that takes millions of years, which is why it is so important to preserve this type of ecosystem. The forest gives life.

Trees have played an important role in the subsistence of living beings throughout their history, given their characteristics as protectors against cold, rain, winds and providers of food.

Here are eight reasons to take care of trees; the main ones, among many other reasons why we should keep them.

  1. They regulate the temperature of the earth, preventing it from rising uncontrollably.

  2. They are protectors of the soil, preventing it from eroding or desertifying.

  3. They absorb carbon dioxide, regulating the levels of pollution in the air.

  4. They carry out a process of retention and storage of water collected during rainy seasons, which will later be released in times of drought.

  5. They fertilize soils by increasing organic matter.

  6. They are the home and refuge of plants and animals.

  7. They house special material for the production of food and medicine.

Currently, through REDD + projects (Reduction of Emissions generated by Deforestation and Forest Degradation), BIOFIX, in association with Afro-Colombian communities and indigenous peoples in Colombia, carries out the protection of 1,235,724 hectares of forests in the country, whose objective, in addition to reducing emissions generated by deforestation and degradation, also seeks to mitigate the effects of climate change, conserve and improve Environmental Services associated with forests, promote the sustainable management of forests, conserve and promote the sustainable use of the biodiversity, improve the quality of life of communities, and promote gender equity.

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